I suppose that the collecting page could have been classified as a hobby, but I could not possibly
get all of my collecting "stuff" on my hobbies page, so I have devoted a seperate page to
I have been collecting (my wife says that I am an accumulator, not a collector) since I was a child
and had quite a large collection of comic books (I wish that I had kept them).  I was president of
the stamp and coin collecting club in high school (nerd).  During my young married life I was  into
wine, gun and knife collecting and primitive art (mostly African).  At the present time  I have a
collection of antique farm tools and collected Beanie Babies during the first few years of their
popularity(still have several hundred, want to buy some ?).  I collect ice skating pins and a small
collection of Olympic pins.  I even collect bandanas.
Antique Sharpening Stone with rebuilt
Antique auger (drill), small crossbow
saw, and rake
Antique hand axe.  I have never seen another
like this.  It is not uncommon to find
one-of-a-kind antique farm tools, as most were
handmade and for a specific use.  Do you have
experience with unique farm tools ?  
I would
like to hear about them
Antique hay scythe with original catcher
(holds the hay as you cut it).  I have a couple
of scythes that do not have the catchers.  The
view is on my livingroom fireplace above the
ceiling beams.
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Antique Hand Maded Mallet with iron
Antique Hand Made