I am a typical Gemini and have a dozen things going at the same time and
jump from one to the other.  I have worked with clay, both throwing and
hand work.   I make walking sticks and canes from vine destorted sticks
from my woods as well as from bamboo.  I make leather pouches, knife
sheaves, and many small leather craft items.  I make baskets from wisteria
vines as well as more conventional cane type. I have worked with sculpture
in stone, wood, and clay.
A few of my walking sticks
I made this extra long french bread basket for my
wife and the mail basket for picking okra
Examples of my wisteria vine baskets
These baskets were made with large
cutting from grape vines and wisteria
This sculpture is called "the fledgling".  It
won a third place at the North Georgia
Marble Festival several years ago.
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